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The Block 2018 | Living and Dining week reveal - featured image

The Block 2018 | Living and Dining week reveal

No home would be complete without a living and dining area.

After all, that is where we spend majority of our ‘home time’- entertaining guests, having dinner with our family and enjoying time together.

But as this is The Block – it was going to take much more than just a couple of sofas, dining table and a television to create that ‘wow’ factor, especially when the spaces were the biggest we’ve ever seen on the show to date.

So, who had the Luxury factor?

Style highlight ….

Despite very mixed views from the judges – my favourite rooms for the week belonged to the 2 penthouses.

 Jess Norm living space

Let’s begin with Jess and Norm, who created a stunning pared-back space, with some beautiful elements that will no doubt attract the quintessential St Kilda buyer.

Both dining and living areas had a lovely sense of symbiosis, something I felt was quite lacking in some of the other rooms, where the divide between spaces was far too blunt.

The choice of sofa is great and is complimented even further by the unique coffee table.

The olive tree is stunning - the couple have a really wonderful way of incorporating natural elements to create a luxurious feel.

And while the ‘elephant in the room’ got mixed reviews, I thought the suspended fireplace was genius – a great alternative to the standard fireplace that would otherwise feel repetitive - it gives the room that perfect balance between modern and classic.

Rm 5 Living Bianca Carla 31

In the other penthouse, Bianca and Carla created a beautiful space, featuring some amazing colour combinations, luxurious textures and unique pieces that really made their room a standout.

While the colour palette is darker in this room, the choice of rich blues with some lighter pieces still gives it a grand feel, while also being quite cosy.

Both sofas worked perfectly, and while it is a small element, I love the flower selection in every room they have done so far, it immediately adds softness and femininity, which is important, particularly if the room is a little darker and stronger.

The dining table is a gorgeous piece, very well suited for the market they are appealing to and works perfectly with the style of the room, while their rich dark blue liquor cabinet screams lux and gives the room an extra lift.

Still ahead ...

With what is considered to be the most important room in any house - Kitchen week will no doubt be unforgettable.

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