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Avoid these common property investor scams [Video] - featured image

Avoid these common property investor scams [Video]

What are the more common property scams and how are investors impacted by them? 

In this short video Kevin Turner warns investors against:

  • Rental Guarantee Schemes Property-Investment-Checklist-300x199-300x199
  • Buing into Land Banking Schemes – this is different to owning a property yourself and landbanking for future development
  • Getting poor advice
  • Not having a plan

The fallout from these issues is that many investors never buy another property.

Kevin suggests:

  1. Don’t rush into property investment
  2. Don’t look for get rich quick scheem,es
  3. Avoid advisors who are selling their own stock. Take advise from independent property advisors who help you formulate a plan specifically for you.

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