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Rob Balanda

Rob is a partner in the Gold Coast based law firm MBA Lawyers. He is a highly regarded educator of property investors and estate agents and the author of the "Made Simple" series of books and CD's.


In this second instalment of this our two-part article I outline eight more reasons why leases are of the utmost importance in a commercial real estate transaction.     Read the first part by clicking here When you purchase a residential property you can undertake an exhaustive due diligence and investigation of the property and…


Advanced investors are always looking for new financial vehicles to consider and commercial property is one such option that’s growing in popularity.  Unfortunately, some investors don’t fully understand its unique peculiarities, including the importance of leases.   With the growth of super fund investment in property, along with it has come a surge of interest in…


What rights do you have when the person you own a property with gets into serious financial trouble? I had just stepped off the stage after delivering a presentation on asset protection at a property seminar, during which I discussed the effect that no asset protection had on an investor who ended up going bankrupt….


The days of making a big claim against a local council when you trip and fall on a curb or gutter – because you were playing with your mobile phone as you were walking – are long gone.  In a landmark case some years ago, one famous judge heralded the change in trend in the…


The resurgence of interest in commercial property has become a real barometer of the strength of the recovering real estate market. Ownership of this class of property is also becoming a badge of prosperity among investors. The question for this month came from an investor who called me about a commercial property he was acquiring for…


In your quieter reflective moments, the thought may cross your mind about buying or giving property now to your children, or even skipping a generation and buying property  now directly in the name of your grandchildren.  If this is you, lay down immediately until the feeling passes. Seriously though, isn’t it better to give now…


The average investor generally has no idea of the serious consequences that flow from being a Director of a company. Firstly there is the prospect of being personally liable for the company’s bills where you allow the company to trade while insolvent (ie. where there aren’t reasonable grounds to believe it can pay its debts…


When you order a Building & Pest Inspection remember that the inspector’s job is to find the flaws in the property – that is, what is wrong, and not what is right. Always bear this in mind and the fact therefore that if there are problems, they will nearly always read more negative than positive….