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Pamela was a founding director of the Metropole Property Group. She co-authored the top selling book "The Australian Guide to Buying & Selling Your Home." In her articles she freely shares her years of experience as a property investor & developer and a property management expert. Visit


When it comes to residential property management, there are definitive rules that must be followed in order to ensure landlords don’t end up facing a cantankerous residential tenancy tribunal judge! One of the areas that can create confusion is lease renewal and termination of tenancies and exactly what rights and responsibilities both the tenant and…


At times of slower property price growth; let’s be honest – no price growth in some areas, property investors count on rising rents to boost their investment returns. The fact is, since the beginning of 2006 rental growth across the combined capital cities has outpaced the growth in home values.


The first step toward successful saving is to determine your goals – what do you specifically want to save your money for? What is it you want to buy? We assume that because you are reading this article your main goal right now is home ownership, but that’s a little too vague for the purpose…


One of the realities of Property Management is that people move house and tenants move on.  Wouldn’t life be easier for all of us if once settled in a property, tenants were happy to stay for longer periods?  Not so – that’s just the way life is. Now with low vacancy rates tenants are moving…


Put some furniture into your investment property and get higher rents and some extra depreciation allowances. On the surface it sounds like a simple and a smart thing to do, but in general I don’t recommend that investors furnish their rental properties. We have found furnished investment properties more trouble than they are worth.

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