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Lynda McNeill has built a strong career in real estate. She is best known for her honest, hardworking, professional attitude towards providing exceptional customer service to all that she meets.

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Interstate Relocation: Tips and Tricks For A Stress-Free Transition

Moving houses down the street is stressful enough, but undergoing an interstate relocation will definitely put your patience and organisation skills to the test. Planning your interstate relocation wisely is essential to make it an efficient and seamless process. Moving to a new house in a different state involves much more preparation than a local…

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I’m young – How can I ever afford to buy my first property?

With demand for housing in Australia’s capital cities continuing to drive up property prices.  It’s no wonder we are seeing a big decline in first-home purchases by our younger citizens, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. They are standing on the outskirts of a staggeringly expensive property market, which seems impossible to break into. To all…