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5 Must Ask Questions for every Property Investors | Michael Yardney [Podcast]

Choosing to build wealth through residential real estate requires a significant investment.  Not only is this a matter money, but commitment in time and emotional energy that’s required, as well. In the beginning, you’ll need to work hard to support the costs associated with property ownership, so it’s understandable that many people suffer buyer’s remorse after...
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Property experts could have called it too soon | Michael Yardney [Podcast]

Is this a time for caution about the property markets?   Has the market topped and is it likely to decline? These are the questions on the lips of many investors, with concern being expressed by some of the country’s top market analysts. On a recent Real Estate Talk show I spoke with Michael Yardney, from Metropole Properties, who gave...
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7 Habits of highly effective property investors | Michael Yarndey [podcast]

Have you noticed how some people seem to rise to the top of their chosen field, or journey ever higher up the property ladder, while others consistently achieve the same “average” results?  On a recent Real Estate Talk show Michael Yardney helped us reflect on the 7 significant traits Dr. Stephen Covey says successful people habitually exhibit. We’ve called...