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John is Consulting Analyst for Onthehouse, Australia’s most comprehensive real estate portal, and Founder of Residex, a leading Australian research organisation providing quality information on the real estate market to government, financial institutions, valuers, real estate agents, accountants, solicitors and the general public. Visit

population growth

Our Ageing Population Threatens Society with Unsustainable Debt | John Edwards

Our ageing population threatens Australia with unsustainable debt. But before I discuss this, let’s see what’s happening in our property markets: In Table 1, below I present the growth rates and other statistics for our housing markets across Australia. Table 1: Market Performance The Sydney property market is continuing in its ‘boom’ growth path. The…

Negative Gearing

How Would Assets Perform if Negative Gearing Was Removed? | John Edwards

Don’t Believe all the Hype About Property Prices and the effect of negative Gearing. Abnormally high property prices, and the dramatic decrease of affordability in Australian housing markets, are spurring reactions. Negative gearing tax benefits, in drawing housing asset investors into the property market, is perceived to be crowding out first home buyers. Anyone who…

houses up

It’s like a tale of 2 cities – a polarised property growth trend | John Edwards

It’s like a tale of two cities… New research released by revealed a polarised growth trend across Australia’s capital cities, with August data showing steady growth in Melbourne and Sydney’s housing markets, offset against falls in Brisbane and Perth. The findings show that the overall national growth rate has slowed significantly, with growth in…


Australia’s so-called ‘House Price Bubble’ | John Edwards

The media is rife with talk of a housing price bubble – particularly in Sydney. Are these reports correct? In short, probably not. Are we going to see media stories about people getting into trouble with home buying? Probably, yes. Before I explain, let’s look at the August statistics, which reveal interesting information about Sydney…