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How a Testamentary Discretionary Trust Can Save You Capital Gains Tax

Here’s a way to avoid triggering CGT! Testamentary discretionary trusts are great estate planning tools because they can offer tax minimisation, asset protection and flexibility. A testamentary discretionary trust is a type of trust created under a will, comes into existence only upon the administration of the deceased estate and has four elements: the trustee(s),…

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Window of Opportunity to ‘Use it’ or ‘Lose it’ (before Super Reform kicks in)

‘Super’ opportunity exists for those individuals fortunate to take advantage of before end of June 2017 before big superannuation changes take effect.   The Federal Treasurer’s announcement on Thursday 15 September 2016 regarding further superannuation reform measures re-opens the door for non-concessional superannuation contributions (NCCs), after more than four months of uncertainty on the issue. Prior to…

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Transitioning to Retirement

The nature of retirement is changing and so are the rules. If you want to reduce your working hours or even pay less tax without sacrificing your income, a transition to retirement pension could be the answer.  Longer life expectancies mean many Australians are spending more time in retirement than ever before1 – increasing the…