Articles by Chris Lang

Chris is a respected Valuer, Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer. Since the mid-1970s, he has been a regular keynote speaker at a wide range of business conferences and seminars around Australia. Many high net-worth clients seek his guidance in acquiring Commercial property. Visit: Commercial Property Made Easy


All Australian states and territories have (somewhat varied) legislation dealing with land contamination. There are some important concepts applicable to every state and territory. Many actions may be contrary to environmental protection laws, but sites classified as contaminated have to meet specific criteria. This means that mere pollution does not necessarily equate to land contamination….


Commercial Properties are mainly seen as a longer-term (at least 3-year) investments. And you tend to buy them for their regular, high yields; as well as for some good capital growth over time. Even so, an investor with a little knowledge and experience can easily find properties able to be “upgraded” and then, on-sold for…

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