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Bill is founder of Investors Direct Financial Group, a leading property finance company providing financial solutions for property investors and developers. Bill is a keynote speaker at many property and finance conferences throughout Australia. Visit

Why do the majority of property investors never achieve finanical freedom?

There are currently over 1 million residential property investors in Australia. Meanwhile less than 500,000 people have achieved financial freedom. To make matters worse, a good percentage of these 500,000 people are not even residential property investors. They became financially free through successful businesses, shares and the like. That means the majority of residential property…

Are You Good Enough?

One of the biggest fears all of us face every day is that we are not good enough. If you don’t believe me, let’s do a simple test here. Have you ever worried about that you are not good enough as one of the following: A husband or wife? A father or mother? A boyfriend…