Articles by Ahmad Imam

Ahmad Imam

Ahmad is Director of Metropole Properties Sydney and a highly skilled wealth strategist. He is a passionate property investor, has a degree in Commerce, is a licensed estate agent and qualified property investment advisor and has personally coached and educated hundreds of clients to create wealth through property.


Many novice home buyers and investors spend hour after hour searching on property listing websites hoping to find the property of their dreams. In reality, hundreds of other potential buyers are doing exactly the same thing, which means “their” property might ultimately end up being someone else’s. Sophisticated investors, on the other hand, regularly pick…


No-one could forget the horrifying images broadcast from London’s Grenfell tower in June 2017, where 72 people tragically lost their lives and more than 70 others were hospitalised, due to cheap flammable aluminium-polyethylene cladding that had been installed on the exterior of the building. The 24-storey building had originally been built in the 1970s, but…