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A Guide to Investing Property Within Your SMSF

Learn how you can manage your Super fund to invest in property, and give yourself a better future.

What is a SMSF

What are the benefits and why should I consider it?

Success is not a miracle. Nor is it a matter of luck.

Ken Raiss


Ken is director of Metropole Wealth Advisory and gives strategic expert advice to property investors, professionals, and business owners. He is in a unique position to blend his skills of accounting, wealth advisory, property investing, financial planning, and small business. 

About the author

Superannuation — that nest-egg for your retirement — can be managed into producing even better results through investing in property. This guide will tell you how to invest for a financially better retirement.

In This eBook You Will Learn

What kind of properties are available on a SMSF?

What is the Single Acquirable Asset rule?

How does it work?

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Clearly, success doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a result of all the choices you make – the things you chose to do and the things you chose not to do.

This is not a theory… Ken Raiss has been working as Wealth Advisor for over a decade, and this Ebook is the result of his practical research.

A step-by-step guide to purchasing property in a SMSF