8 Reasons Why Property is a Better Investment Than Shares

It’s an age-old question:  which is a better investment – property or shares.Who is right, and which investment is right for you

If you asked Donald Trump he would say property is the only road to riches.

On the other hand if you asked Warren Buffet he would tell you that you could become financially free by investing in the right shares.

Who is right, and which investment is right for you?

 It should be fairly obvious by now that I believe income producing residential property is the best option for the average Australian to develop financial independence and I’d like to explain why.

In essence I said that while it’s really hard to outperform the long term averages in the share market (that’s why many managed funds try just to track the averages), it’s really very easy to outperform the averages when investing in property.

You do this by buying well and buying the right type of property, one in a high growth area and one to which you can add value.

So let’s look at 8 reasons why I like property as an investment:

1. Property is an imperfect market

When I look to invest, I want to invest in an imperfect market.

This means that I’m more likely to be able to buy an investment below its true value, or I can sell above its true value.

Let me explain this in more detail….

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The world of shares is not a completely perfect market, but it’s about as perfect as it gets.

That’s because it is a liquid market where investors are well informed.

I can buy stocks at the same price as anybody else can.

In general, the overall marketplace has the same information as I have, because for the most part the information is equal.

This shared knowledge creates a more ‘perfect’ market.

On the other hand, real estate is what I would call an imperfect market.

I know many people who have bought properties at 5, 10 or even 15  below real market value.

If property was a perfect, liquid marketplace, you would not be able to buy a property considerably below its intrinsic value.

I can get a good deal in the property market because information, contacts and expertise help you get an insider’s edge in an imperfect market.

2. You can add value to your properties

By adding value to your property, through buying well or through renovations, you can accelerate its rate of capital growth.

On the other hand the fate of the value of your shares is completely out of your hands – it depends on how well the company, and the directors who run it, perform.

3. Property is a fundamental human requirement, but companies (and their shares) come and go

Unlike a business or corporation in which you can buy shares, property is a fundamental necessity.

Everyone needs a roof over their head, whether they rent or own their own home, but let’s face it – companies come and go all the time.

As a basic necessity, housing will always be in demand – it will always have value because we simply can’t live without it, which gives property the advantage over shares with less risk and greater stability over time – in other words, property is as “safe as houses”.

4. Australian love property australia

Meaning it will always remain popular whereas the volatility of the share market scared many investors away. 

In Australia almost 70% of us own our own home and recent surveys show a huge number of Australian are considering purchasing an investment property over the next few years.

Australians love property  – this is partly because property, unlike shares, is a tangible commodity.

You can touch it, see it and yes – live in it – and people like the security associated with property.

Additionally, everyone understands residential property – they have either owned, rented or lived in a home.

It’s familiar and things that are familiar naturally feel safer.

Shares on the other hand – well they represent uncharted waters for many.

It is easier to become an expert in property – there are fewer unknowns than with shares

While you might like to think that you can master the world of shares, on-line trading and corporate legalities and structures, the simple fact is that it is much easier to gain a sound comprehension of property investment than it is of shares.

Sure it will require some learning to become an expert in property, but this is far less daunting for the beginning investor than trying to comprehend how the corporate world or the share market works.

5. Property can be leveraged property mortgage finance money

No other investment vehicle provides you with the opportunity to leverage 80% of its value in order to acquire more of it as a part of your portfolio.

Not only that, if the value of your property investment falls (as may happen in the downward phase of the cycle), the bank don’t come knocking on your door asking for their money back as they do with margin calls on shares (unless of course you can’t meet the repayments).

Even better, once you own property, you can leverage off of the growing equity you have in it to buy even more property.

6. Property has a proven rate of return

Property is a proven stable strong investment.

When you can look back over ten, twenty, thirty, even fifty years, you get a picture of exactly how strongly property has increased in value over time.

7. Property values are less volatile than shares

Think about it…residential property is the only investment market not dominated by investors, and this effectively gives investors a built in safety net.

Even if all the investors were to leave the market at once, it would not totally collapse.

8. Property is more tax effective than shares for investment

When you set up your property investment business, a raft of legal tax deductions (I like calling them loopholes) open up to you.  Cloud house of tax concept on blue sky

Still need convincing?

If you look at the results others have achieved, you have to say that property makes pretty good investment sense.

According to the BRW Rich 200 list, property has consistently been the major source of wealth for Australia’s multi-millionaires.

And it’s the same all over the world.

Those that haven’t made their money in property generally invest their surplus funds in real estate.

The property market is now in a more mature phase of its cycle so be careful – not all properties make good investments, however now may be a good time for you to get into the property game.


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'8 Reasons Why Property is a Better Investment Than Shares' have 9 comments

  1. Avatar

    February 20, 2016 leeshin

    property investment is better than all other investment types like shares, precious metal, etc…this blog has revealed the clearcut justification regarding the positivity of property investment compared to shares


  2. Avatar

    February 20, 2016 Cameron

    Hi Michael,

    Perhaps the greatest negative for property is its inherent illiquidity, i.e. you cant just sell a portion of a house like you can with shares to fund your lifestyle.
    What techniques/strategies can investors use in the new economy to access equity and use it to fund lifestyle/ further investment with lender restrictions. I see this as a key area where a lot of investors get stuck, they want to buy property for investment and retirement wealth, but don’t have an exit strategy how they are going to access the equity. Can you actual live off equity these days, or are your only options sell a few pay down debt and live off rent or sell the lot, put into fixed interest and live off that income or a combination of the two?



    • Michael Yardney

      February 20, 2016 Michael Yardney

      Cameron, you are right property is illiquid and while it could be seen as a negative, I see this as a positive because it leads to the stability of property values.

      The way around this is to have cash flow buffers in a line of credit to see you through difficult times.

      And yes you are right most property investors do not have a exit strategy and do not ever succeed in their dream of financial independence through property. This is partly because they don’t own enough properties, or to be correct the rights of the properties.

      put another way, they don’t have a big enough asset base. Yes living off equity still works, but you need much lower loan to value ratios to show serviceability to the banks


      • Avatar

        February 21, 2016 Cameron

        Thanks Michael, so basically an investor needs to a large asset base with overall portfolio LVR around 50%.

        You are right about the stability part. There is always a positive opportunity to be found in a perceived negative.


  3. Avatar

    May 11, 2015 Rick

    8 Reasons why Shares are a Better Investment than Property (just to play the Devil’s Advocate):

    – lower acquisition costs
    – lower management costs
    – lower or no ongoing expenses
    – lower disposal costs
    – greater liquidity
    – greater diversification
    – the ability to enter the market earlier
    – the availability of franking credits


    • Michael Yardney

      May 11, 2015 Michael Yardney

      All those points are correct, so it depends which of the various attributes are more important to you.
      For me it’s the stability of property values


      • Avatar

        February 20, 2016 Marg

        For me is the stability 100 percent! I can sleep well at night having millions of $ exposed and invested in property with some leverage whereas I wouldn’t sleep so well with same invested amout and same leverage amount invested in stocks…


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