8 habits you should cut out of your life

You can’t control everything in life but you certainly can control how you think about things.Good-Or-Bad-habit

And when you change your thinking, you change the actions you take which changes the results you get in your life.

The successful property investors I see understand this important concept and realise they are the pilots of their lives – rather than being a passenger.

They make things happen rather than just allowing things to happen to them.

They’ve formed good habits in they way they think and the actions they take.

Terence Stone wrote a list of 8 habits you’d be better off without.

Here it is:

1. Complaining 

This is one of the most natural of human tendencies.  

It is one of the largest tell-tale signs of an unconscious mind and resistance to what is.

Next time you find yourself complaining, ask yourself why.

Can you accept the situation?

2. Gossiping

Another common human trait.

What is it really doing for you?

Remember that the person you’re speaking about is a complex being with dreams and fears just like you.

Chances are you probably don’t know their whole life story or circumstances.

Cultivate compassion.

3. Procrastination 

In my experience, procrastination involves some pretty intense anxiety.

You know what you need to do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it NOW.

Why put yourself through that?

Take a breath and do what you gotta do.

4. Incessant business

Whether you have the most important job in the world or not, we all feel the need to do something or many things often.

That is fine and natural.

But we all must take a breather.tired work stress

Find the Taoist in you, and think, “At the end of my life, will I regret that I didn’t do more work, or will I regret that I didn’t spend more time really enjoying myself and others?”

5. Spending money on things you don’t need

Not sure this needs too much explanation.

Most of the time we buy things to increase our sense of self.

Remember that your self, your true self, needs no add-ons.

You are already whole.

You just need to realise that.

On a practical note, this will also save you a good deal of money!

6. Worrying about what everyone thinks about you

This may surprise you to hear, but most of the time no one is thinking about you.

Don’t take this the wrong way.money

All I mean to say is that worrying about what others think is ultimately worrying about yourself in a negative light.

And guess what?

Everyone else is doing the same thing.

Most humans are self-involved.

Take comfort in this and stop concerning yourself with the thoughts of others.

It’ll free up a lot of mental space!

7. Perfectionism and self-doubt

Recently, someone said to me, “Perfectionism is actually Failurism.”


Because when you are a perfectionist, you constantly doubt yourself.

You look for the failure in your life and attempt to fix it.12432428 - stress 3d man sitting on white background

Then you have to deal with all the failures that crop up from your attempt to fix the last failure.

It is a destructive and unnecessary cycle.

If you’re always focusing on the negative, your mind begins to identify with that.

Why not try focusing mostly on the positive?

8. Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future

Ah, yes.

This is the most insidious of habits.

Fear loves this habit, because it keeps you in a perpetual state of terror.

You are afraid to repeat past mistakes or let go of past hurts.

You spend your time fantasizing about how you will fail. display-panel-457381_1920

Guess what?

It’s not real.

The past is gone forever.

You will never actually be in the future.

All we have is this moment.

How will you choose to spend it?

What habits would you be better off without?

Source: Urban Spiritual


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