5 Tools All Property Renovators Should Be Using


If you want to be a full-time ren­ov­ator you need to be efficient and on time with your projects.

I see many ren­ov­at­ors not focus­ing on  stream­lin­ing the man­age­ment of the jobs involved.

Just like a nail gun or Gerni, a good man­age­ment tool and know­ing how to use them can make all the dif­fer­ence when it comes to achiev­ing this.

Here are the top 5 tools I see highly efficient six-figure renovators use:

Ren­ov­at­or’s Managementrenovate

Invoicing app

As a ser­i­ous ren­ov­ator you will need to invoice people and keep track of jobs.

An invoicing app can help out with this. With some of them you can even attach pho­tos, sig­na­tures, and keep track of payments.

Some of them will even export to accounting software.

Even just using an app with excel can make a dif­fer­ence with also keep­ing track of charts and workflow.

Gumtree app and eBay

These are the most under­rated and can save you some unex­pec­ted dol­lars.

I know of ren­ov­at­ors that have found old churches being demol­ished and sal­va­ging stained-glass win­dows for free.

Oth­ers have picked up a bar­gain on an eBay auc­tion that they would have paid double for oth­er­wise in Bunnings.

Before, dur­ing and afters

Dur­ing the hustle of fin­ish­ing a renov­a­tion on time many ren­ov­at­ors for­get to take pho­tos and doc­u­ment what they are doing.

To jump from one renov­a­tion to another you may need fin­ance partners.

People believe what they see not necessarily what you say to them.

Before, dur­ing and after pho­tos can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to secur­ing new fin­ance partners.

Renov­a­tion sched­ule Gantt chart

Plan­ning is a key to suc­cess in becom­ing a ren­ov­ator that makes over 6 fig­ures. A simple Gantt chart can make all the dif­fer­ence on run­ning a pro­ject on time but I rarely see ren­ov­at­ors use one.

Some ren­ov­at­ors say “I’ve got it all in my head and I’ve got it under con­trol”, but it’s not always about you.

If trades­people can see the time frame they have to work within, they become easier to work with.

They nor­mally don’t want to hold other people up because they know all too well how they don’t like it done to them.

This extra bene­fit can make all the worth­while to mak­ing your pro­ject run on time and under budget.

Property renovation gantt chart

Toggle timer

This app was a god­send to one of my ren­ov­ator friends.

He had a lot of people involved in a renovation deal.

Unfor­tu­nately he found him­self doing most of the phys­ical work while oth­ers did not have as much time to join him.

This caused many fights between them as they all put up different assets to make the deal happen.

Now enter the shin­ing light of the Toggle timer!

They all star­ted log­ging their time and char­ging it to the job.

All the inform­a­tion was uploaded in real time and share­able.

Boom! Argu­ments solved and many insights gained.


You can be a suc­cess­ful full-time ren­ov­ator without these tools but it sure does make it easier.

If you imple­ment just one or 2 of these ideas you should find your­self mak­ing more with less effort. Who doesn’t want that.


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Jhai is the Internet Marketing Business Development Manager for Elders Toongabbie and Kings Langley. He has been consistently quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald and Real Estate Business online. Visit his blog at www.realestatesevenhillsnews.com.au

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