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Late last week on Real Estate Talk I had the chance to speak with Jennie Brown, a mindset mastery expert.

Here’s the transcript:

Kevin: I’m keen to talk to you. Jennie, welcome to the show.

Jennie: Thank you, Kevin. It’s great to be here.jb

Kevin: I’m keen to talk to you about the mindset of what you’ve seen of some really successful investors in property. Is it all about mindset or is it just about opportunity?

Jennie: I actually believe it’s all about mindset. If you’ve got the right mindset and the right attitude, you’ll create the opportunities and you’ll see the opportunities.

But if you don’t know what they are or you’re not focused on it, you obviously won’t see them. I really believe that it’s about the mindset more than anything.

Kevin: It’s that old saying, isn’t it? I’ll believe it when I see it, or I’ll see it when I believe it.

Jennie: Well you see if you buy a new car, you suddenly see that car everywhere. You see it because you’re focused on it.

Kevin: Jennie, in your dealings with a lot of these very successful investors, what are the top three traits that they display?

Jennie: That’s a great question, Kevin. The first one is that they’re very clear on what it is that they expect to get out of this. They have a really focused outcome. They know why they’re doing it.

They know what their results are, they know what it will give them, and what their life will look like when they have it. They’re not distracted by anything. They just go for it.

They just stay focused on that track. The first one is being really clear on their outcome and being focused.

Another thing would be having a plan. They don’t just leave it to chance. They don’t wake up on Saturday morning and go, “Oh, I might go buy a property project today.” They have a plan.

They know exactly what they have to do. They know the processes they need to go through. They know what research they need to do. They know that they’ve got to get up each day and do something on that plan every single day.

That’s another thing that I see with really successful people, and particularly successful property investors. They are really focused on their plan, and they, again, don’t let themselves be distracted from that plan.

The other thing with a plan is you need to make sure that it’s really aligned with your outcome. If it’s not, then you’ll find yourself being pulled in opposite directions.

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If your outcome is to build a better life with your family, and on Saturday morning your family wants you to go play footy with them or something like that, instead of going out and doing the research or something on a property project or a potential project, you’ll be pulled by that pull of the family. So, it needs to line up as well.

Kevin: You’ve got to get your priorities right, too. There’s one other point that I wanted to mention with you to if I could, Jennie, and that is how we sometimes put the brakes on ourselves. The successful people I’ve seen have an abundance mentality.

Whereas, a lot of people limit themselves and believe they don’t even deserve to be wealthy.

Jennie: That is so true. My observation on that, Kevin, is that it often takes a crisis to turn people into that type of mentality. It’s a real shame, because we don’t need a crisis to turn ourselves into an abundant person.

You hear stories about this all the time. Someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, or there’s a death in the family, or there’s an accident, or something happens that’s really devastating, suddenly, people realize the value of their life.

They stop mucking around with it, and they get really focused and serious about doing what they really want to do, instead of puddling along in life and living a life that ends up being regretful.success

With that type of not believing that they are worthy, we can actually put ourselves into circumstances where we almost create a crisis for ourselves, which will propel us forward into that abundance mentality.

Kevin: It’s great thinking. It’s thinking that you can tap in to, too.

Jennie: You’re welcome, Kevin. I’ll just leave you with this: success is a choice and it’s up to people to choose it.


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