3 reasons property investors should see fear as their friend

We hear a lot about overcoming fear in property investment circles.

We talk about how fear can hold us back from taking chances, and realising our dreams of success.

But is fear really the enemy?

If we just look at it from a slightly different perspective, fear can actually be our greatest friend and ally for 3 reasons…

1. Fear is an indicator of opportunity

While the associated physical and emotional response can be confronting, fear in fact allows us to recognise and assess opportunities life presents us with.

Think about when you first met someone of the opposite sex you were insanely attracted to, as opposed to someone you weren’t really that in to.

Who did you feel more scared to approach in fear of rejection?

What about the prospect of having to give a presentation to a few work colleagues in a casual boardroom meeting? Not particularly nerve inducing stuff.

But if that same presentation was in front of your boss – the person responsible for hiring or firing you – it would suddenly up the ante and most likely give you that sweaty palm, nervous tummy sensation.

Fear is your opportunity barometer.

job opportunityThe more importance we place on something or someone in our lives, the more likely we are to experience a strong fear reaction.

Of course you should feel an element of fear as a property investor, because your future financial wellbeing hinges on making the most appropriate decisions for your personal circumstances and objectives.

If you didn’t have fear as your guide, you might not be able to sort the potentially better roads to take along your journey, from those that hold little importance to your overall success.

2. Fear is a great motivator

Fight or flight.

These are the opposing, physiological responses human beings have to fear, as outlined in this previous article where I talk about 8 things that happen to us when we’re anxious.

Fear kicks our bodies into basic survival mode, just as it did with our ancestor hunters when they were stalking dangerous prey.motivation post it

While most of us are rarely confronted with serious physical threats, we are nonetheless forced to deal with scary bosses, angry clients and the one thing most of us consider more terrifying than death – public speaking.

Some people rise to these challenges and give it their all to ensure they transcend their fears and not only survive the situation they find themselves in, but use it as an opportunity to get further ahead in life.

In terms of property investment, this is the difference between someone who allows fear to paralyse them into inaction, as opposed to the investor who determines to study the market before making a calculated move.

If you let it, fear can give you the motivation to do what you have to in order to not just survive, but also thrive in today’s often challenging world.

3. Fear reminds us we’re alive.

There’s nothing quite like the ‘thrill’ of a white knuckle roller coaster ride or suspense movie to remind us that we’re alive and breathing, is there?

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Imagine life without those rushes of adrenaline? It would be pretty dull, right?

Fear is the necessary opposite of love.

It gives us that essential rush to keep us excited about getting up each morning and facing the unknown – a new day, with new opportunities.

Without the chemically induced thrill it brings, you’d never get to experience the elation of overcoming your fear, soaring above any ‘scary’ situations to new lofty heights.

Next time you start to feel the fear, know it’s just a familiar friend trying to tell you something about your life’s direction.

Embrace it as your ally, because fighting fear and trying to suppress it is to deny the message it brings.


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