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ANZ-Roy Morgan Research | Australian Consumer Confidence surges to a 22 week high

Despite all the depressing news around, things appear to be looking up. Results from the ANZ-Roy Morgan Research have indicated a dramatic rise in consumer confidence. This is good for our economy and our property markets as people tend to hold back spending (especially on expensive items such as a new home or investment properties) when they lack…

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How to get started in property development

I’ve recently noticed a trend in budding developers – they are looking for an overview of the property development process and they want it in a simple and accessible way. That is why I’ve created this comprehensive guide covering the topic. I want to make finding the right information as easy as possible. If you’re…

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APRA shifts its focus [Video]

Transcript: It appears APRA is turning to the banks and warning them that they have fallen well short of expectations regarding portfolio controls for commercial property. APRA has said:  “Justifying lending decisions on the basis of ‘long-standing relationship’ or ‘good track record’ are insufficient, by themselves, to mitigate higher risk characteristics such as higher leverage…

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Three charts on: who is the typical investor in the Australian property market?

Individual households in Australia, on average, own 83% of all investment dwellings rented to private tenants or resold, they are people who usually have another main source of income… Maria Yanotti, University of Tasmania Contrary to the image a property investor might conjure up – a wealthy full-time property speculator – most residential investors in…


Ask the Expert [Video] – Are trusts the right vehicle for your property?

Setting up a trust can both protect your property and keep it in the family. But how do you know which trust is right for you? Watch as Ken Raiss and I discuss the benefit if a family trust when it comes to protecting your investment property. This week’s questions:  I read that successful investors control…

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Successful People Are Obsessed With Success Quotes

Successful people seem to be obsessed with success quotes.  They love to throw them around wherever and whenever they can.   Successful speakers love to use quotes as do successful authors. Success and quotes go together like beer and pretzels. So, I thought I’d share some of the quotes I’ve accumulated from interviewing self-made millionaires,…

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