Australia china property market

Turning Tides in China’s Forex Reserves Could Leave Australia Awash With New Investment

Foreign exchange (forex) reserves in China increased for the fourth consecutive month in May 2017. It is the longest growth period in Chinese forex in almost three years.  If the trend continues, Chinese financial regulators may ease capital controls currently inhibiting foreign direct investment. Central banks use forex reserves to offset currency depreciation when the...
expert leader

Want to know the differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

Ever sat and really thought about the traits, values and differences between successful and unsuccessful people?    It may seem obvious – successful people are, well, successful! They’re often confident, polished and assertive, with the warmth and charm to influence others. However, when you study what really makes successful people successful, there are a few...
child education

Are You Raising Your Child to Succeed or Fail in Life? Four Areas Where Parents Are Failing Their Kids

Charles Koch is a multi-billionaire. Charles and his brother David took over their father’s business and transformed it into the largest privately held company in the world. He was recently asked in a Time Magazine interview about what he attributes his enormous success in life to.   Charles responded that if it were not for...

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