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322pc surge in foreign residential investment

Foreign investment surges (China rising) The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) released its much-awaited 2015-16 Annual Report and it showed that the greatest investing countries in Australia are now China ($47.3 billion) – for the third consecutive year – and the United States ($31 billion).  Total foreign investment increased substantially from $191.9 billion to to…


Sydney housing affordability: why it’s so bad and one way to fix it

Right now, the average Sydney couple will never be able to save a deposit to buy a median-priced house according to Insights Manager Graham Cooke. Everyone knows it’s a challenging environment in Sydney for first-time buyers right now – but how tough, exactly, is it? We decided to find out how long it would take the…


104 inspirational quotes from some of the world’s most successful people

For many great success comes with great responsibility – the ability to touch with a performance, lead a country or create the groundbreaking. But the greatest responsibility of those with success, is to inspire those around them to reach for the stars and make the impossible possible. Here are 105 inspirational quotes from highly successful people: •…

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