Fewer buyers results in greater months of supply

Research on the amount of housing stock available across Australia’s capital cities shows that, in some cities, stock levels are outstripping demand. Based on advertised stock levels across Australia’s capital cities, the relationship between demonstrated housing demand and advertised stock levels is telling us that more stock is available for sale compared to demand. Looking…

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Budget 2017: lack of competition is why government is moving so hard against the banks

The budget included a few measures to make the banking sector more competitive, but they don’t go far enough, writes… Harry Scheule, University of Technology Sydney With it’s latest budget the government has made a number of moves to create a level playing field in the banking system. It’s taxing the five largest banks, announced…

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Is this the budget that forgot renters?

For the majority of Australia’s renters, housing will remain unaffordable, insecure, and out of reach following the 2017-18 federal budget, writes… Emma Power, Western Sydney University The measures in the 2017-18 federal budget targeting the supply of lower-cost rental housing are limited. There are no significant funding increases to social housing and homelessness services. There…

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Here’s why you shouldn’t speculate in property hotspots

After all these years in property I’m still surprised at how investors decide which property to buy, but it doesn’t surprise me why so many don’t get past their first or second property. You see… many buy for emotional reasons and while others think they’re investing in property, for some they’re really speculating.  By definition,…

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Ending Procrastination

Perseverance is about as important to achievement as gasoline is to driving a car. Sure, there will be times when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but you’ll always get out of the rut with genuine perseverance. Without it, you won’t even be able to start your engine. The opposite of perseverance is procrastination Perseverance means you never quit….

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