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Rich Habits Poor Habits Episode 35 | ‘Want’ Spending Will Put You in the Poor House

How much are your spending habits affecting you level of wealth? In Tom Corley’s five-year Rich Habits study of 233 rich people and 128 poor people he discovered that your habits dictate your circumstances in life. He discovered that daily habits dictate how successful or unsuccessful you will be in life. There are two groups of poor…

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Weekly economic update: Why the government still thinks it can ‘grow away’ the deficit

Some seem to think the RBA is bullish on growth, but reading between the lines it seems to be hedging, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW Vital Signs is a weekly economic wrap from UNSW economics professor and Harvard PhD Richard Holden (@profholden). Vital Signs aims to contextualise weekly economic events and cut through the noise of…

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Migrant multi millionaires fuel our property boom

Many factors have been blamed for the booming property market in Sydney and Melbourne. Of course foreign investors have been one of the factors but now multimillionaire foreign migrants are being blamed.    Recently the Australian reported that more than 11,000 “migrant millionaires” helped fuel the Sydney and Melbourne property markets last year. Australia is now…

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