Budget explainer: if you want to know about the economy, look past the budget forecasts

The budget is full of forecasts about where the economy is going, but other indicators are often more helpful, writes… Ross Guest, Griffith University When the federal government releases its annual budget it provides an economic outlook that includes forecasts and key indicators of the state of the economy.   But we should be critical…

consumer confidence up property imvestment

How to increase demand for your property

Investment fundamentals will tell you when demand is higher than supply, capital growth will occur.  In many of our capital cities, while there may be changes in zoning and increased infill, supply of land will remain extremely tight. As our population continues to increase demand will continue. Property trends and analysis are starting to highlight…

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How much excess housing supply really exists?

Contrary to what most commentators say about the new housing market, almost all locales have an excess of new housing supply when compared to underlying demand.    This is how residential building markets work – projects are approved, they sell, more often than not, off-plan and start construction.   There is always a stock overhang. …

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