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Boom, or no Boom? – Research by CoreLogic delivers interesting results ….

Vibrant property market conditions over the first 7 years of this decade could easily have many of us believing we’re again in boom times.  However, research by CoreLogic confirms that, with the exception of Sydney, capital gains performance was substantially lower than for the last decade; Sydney is the only city to have recorded higher…

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How unclear goals can cost property investors a fortune

In almost every area of life, people are comfortable with the idea of paying an expert for their expertise. If you want fantastic photos at your wedding, you’ll pay a professional photographer rather than relying on your friends and relatives to capture the moment. And even if you’re handy around the house, you’re likely to…


9 biases that property investors must overcome

Without always knowing it, property investors are pre-programmed with a range of biases which may cause them to interpret information incorrectly and thus undertake sub-optimal investment decisions. Let’s discuss  9 of the key biases that Australian property investors must overcome… 1. Hindsight bias How many know-it-all commentators now confidently proclaim that the financial crisis and…

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