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Is this the Queensland recovery? The Good and the Ugly

Each fortnight I update my chart of the titles registry figures for Queensland, although I don’t post the results here all that often.  When figures aren’t seasonally adjusted, it pays to be wary of drawing conclusions from individual weeks or months of data. After all how many times have new home sales figures “peaked” in…

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Business Briefing: how the attitudes of the next generation are changing the property market

There’s been a shift in attitudes to the property market over generations, from owning a home as a right, to owning a home as a commodity, writes… Nicholas, The Conversation Generations X and Y are becoming just as, or even more aggressive, than the baby boomers as investors.  An example of this are the “rentvestors”,…


Rich Habits Poor Habits Episode 32 | 4 Tricks to Forging New Habits

Good habits put you on autopilot for success.  When actions become habits, the need for motivation (external or internal) is eliminated. You don’t need to pump yourself up to engage in a habit. This is one of the main things that separates successful individuals from everyone else – successful people habitualize good behavior. So, fine,…

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