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Which asset class will provide the best returns in the next 12 months? Property, shares, bonds or cash?

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” Bertrand Russell Many clients that I meet often struggle to work out where to invest their money. Do they invest in property? Or has property already peaked? What about the share market? Do they have the stomach…

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Rentvesting – Paving the way to prosperity

More new homeowners are rejecting yesterday’s sentiment of owning their own castle, and buying investment properties before their own home instead. Driven by affordability and smart financial forecasting, Australians are investing as they’re starting to see the benefit of owning rental properties as a strategic move up the property ladder. In 2016, a Mortgage Choice…

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Ask Michael Anything [Video] – What are common investor mistakes or traps?

Whenever trying something new – there’s always the chance of experiencing the ‘trial and error’ phase – property investing is no different, so what can you do? This week watch Michael explain and discuss some of the ways to try and avoid common mistakes and traps through educating yourself.   This week’s question: I’ve often…

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