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Business investment is weak, but an unfunded company tax cut won’t fix it

The current subdued level of non-mining business investment may be the “new normal”, writes… Jim Minifie, Grattan Institute Eight years after the global financial crisis (GFC), economic growth remains weak in many rich nations.  Australia has been an exception to the malaise, but growth has slowed as the mining boom winds down. Business investment is…

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Warning: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance… or should it be?

I was listening to an ad on the radio this week and at the end the advertiser read the following disclaimer: “past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance”. The government (ASIC) requires businesses to state this disclaimer whenever past investment returns are quoted, so that investors are forewarned that history might not…


8 Traits You Need to Be Successful (Intelligence Isn’t One of Them) [Infographic]

Want to be successful? Worried that maybe you’re not smart enough? Well… research has found that while intelligence is a significant factor in predicting success, it’s certainly not the only — or even the most important — one. Personality traits are more accurate predictors of success than actual intelligence levels as the following infographic shows. So,…

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