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10 things you need to know before tackling a renovation project

Have you watched too many episodes of popular television shows like The Block?  Feeling inspired to take a run down wreck and make it new again? It all looks so simple and glamorous, with random ‘beautiful people’ tucking their perfectly styled hair into oddly flattering hardhats. But the reality of a large-scale renovation project is very…

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Housing affordability problems might not be all bad

Housing affordability is often not the only problem households face, ore often the compounding effects of multiple problems leave people unable to cope, which is why one solution won’t work for all, writes… Emma Baker, University of Adelaide For all the talk of a housing affordability crisis across Australia, having unaffordable housing isn’t necessarily bad…


6 Personalities That Every Aspiring Property Developer Should Look To Develop

Many people aspire to create wealth and freedom through property development. However, for many, success is often hard to come by. The Urban Developer is passionate about education, so we’ve done some digging and asking to investigate the six important personalities that contribute to success in property development. The Problem Solver There is probably no other profession that…

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