House and money

8 strategies to increase your serviceability

Obviously you need consistent and reliable cashflow when it comes to creating a sustainable property investment portfolio. It’s every investor’s bread and butter, giving you the means to leverage into real estate with other people’s money and manage all the ongoing costs, including monthly mortgage repayments, management fees and maintenance bills.    With today’s low…

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Ask Michael Anything [video] – House or apartment – what makes a better investment?

In this video series we answer your questions of Michael Yardney.  Watch Michael discuss what makes a better investment  – a house or an apartment. This weeks question: I’m looking at buying my first investment I’ve heard the ongoing debate about houses vs apartments – and I’ve heard good arguments for both – I’m after…


Are investment markets rational and efficient?

In the 1960s celebrated American economist Eugene Fama conceived his Efficient Market Theory (EMT), a hypothesis which promoted that investment markets are ‘informationally efficient’ – that all publicly available information is rationally processed by investors and reflected in the price of a security or asset.  It’s an intriguing idea, yet the theory was effectively disproved…

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