Buggered if I know where I am: the stories behind Australia’s weird and wonderful place names

Behind every place name is a story, a new book catalogues the adventures, mistakes and history behind Australia’s weirdest, from Bungle Bungle to Spanker Knob, writes… Joshua Nash, University of New England Why is it that despite how much and how often we use toponyms (place names) linguists, geographers, cartographers, and historians know so little...
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How do you find the best areas for property price growth?

How do you find the best locations for future property price growth? That’s a question I asked John Lindeman, Director of Property Power Partners on a recent Real Estate Talk show. Here’s a transcript of the interview: Kevin:  It’s only one element of the research cycle that we should be doing, but probably it’s one of...
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What all property investors should know about cross collateralisation

Cross-collateralisation is an important loan structuring issue of which many property investors are not aware. Knowing the implications of cross-collateralisation is crucial to developing a long-term property investment portfolio. So what is cross-collateralisation? Cross-collateralisation occurs when more than one property is used to secure a loan or multiple loans. For example, a person owns Property A and...

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