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December Residex Property Market Update

In the year to November 2016, Australian dwelling values saw an increase of 4.49%. This is above the 3.77% annual growth average since 2009, when Australia felt the effects of the 2008 GFC. However, growth was below the November 2015 figure of 6.63%. Table 1: Residex Repeat Sales Statistical Summary – November Data Source: Residex Hobart…


Rich Habits, Poor Habits Episode 2| Super Parents Raise Kids Who Become the 1%

Ever wonder where the Rich learned their Rich Habits? In Tom Corley’s 5 year Rich Habits research he uncovered one overriding fact: Parents are responsible for poverty, the wealth gap and income inequality. Not Wall Street, not the economy, not the 1%, not government policies, not your life’s circumstances – Parents! Watch as we chat…

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