Look what Chinese investors are buying now

We all know that Chinese investors having been underpinning the off the plan inner city high rise apartment market but now they’re been sold a different type of under performing property. Melbourne developers are selling unsuspecting Chinese investors house and land packages in the outer suburbs, Nigel Satterley has warned. According to BRW richlister and property...

56% Of Mortgage Borrowers Are Sacrificing Time With Family To Pay Off Debts

Alarming new research reveals that over half of Australian mortgage borrowers are sacrificing their social lives and time with their families to meet their mortgage repayments. The nationwide research was released by UBank, a division of National Australia Bank, as part of its Home Truths campaign. Of those surveyed: One in four admit they are...
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Window of Opportunity to ‘Use it’ or ‘Lose it’ (before Super Reform kicks in)

‘Super’ opportunity exists for those individuals fortunate to take advantage of before end of June 2017 before big superannuation changes take effect.   The Federal Treasurer’s announcement on Thursday 15 September 2016 regarding further superannuation reform measures re-opens the door for non-concessional superannuation contributions (NCCs), after more than four months of uncertainty on the issue. Prior to...
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Why firstborns are smarter and richer

While ‘middle child syndrome’ is poorly supported by evidence, studies consistently show that first borns attain more education and higher income in adulthood compared to their younger siblings, writes…. Marian Vidal-Fernandez, University of Sydney and Ana Nuevo-Chiquero, University of Edinburgh  The title of this article might trigger self-satisfied smiles among first-borns, and some concerns among...

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