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Brisbane Housing Market Update [Video] – November 2016

Brisbane’s housing market has shown a larger capital gain spread, with house values up 4.7% compared with a 1.4% fall in unit values over the year. The divergence in performance between houses and units is most clearly evident in Melbourne and Brisbane. The Brisbane housing market recorded an 0.8 percent rise in dwelling values in October…

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Chinese Investment Report Reveals Staggering Decline

The latest Chinese Outbound Real Estate Investment Report reveals that interest from Chinese investors remains strong in global gateway locations. China’s capital outflow control has been a push factor so far, but it could prove to be a double-edged sword. Stringent requirements have made it difficult for some investors to secure foreign exchange clearance. According to Knight Frank’s Head…

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Trickle down Trump-economics is not the fiscal policy the world needs

Trump’s trickle-down economic ideas to cut taxes and invest in infrastructure may not go to plan, so it’s not the type of fiscal policy leadership the world needs, writes… Fabrizio Carmignani, Griffith University Now that Donald Trump has won the US Presidential election, his single most important economic tool will be fiscal policy. Some central…

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