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Over 700,000 Australians with a home loan potentially ‘at risk’

More than two-thirds (67.2%) of owner-occupied mortgages are now held by households with two incomes, presenting some problems if one decides to either drop out of the workforce or becomes unemployed. Overall some 9.3% of dual-income households are classified as ‘at risk’ of mortgage stress but if even the non-main earner drops out of the...
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Inside The World’s Most Famous Residential Building

The world’s most iconic buildings can be considered time capsules; buildings that survive through the years represent the values and aspirations of the people who built them or added to them. Architects use size, massing, ornamentation, symmetry or asymmetry, and other design features to project an overall image of a structure. Here, we explore the design...

Young workers are flocking to Melbourne in DROVES

Immigration rebounds Young people from home and abroad are migrating to Melbourne in droves. Net overseas migration accelerated into New South Wales and Victoria according to the ABS Australian Demographic Statistics for March 2016, helping total quarterly population growth to surge to +107,497 in only the first three months of the calendar year. Perhaps just...

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