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Melbourne Housing Market Update [Video] – September 2016

Melbourne remains the lowest renal yielding market for houses, averaging 2.8%.  In Melbourne, dwelling values continued to increase at more than 1% month-on-month, with the cumulative growth over the cycle (June 2012 to date) now reaching 44%. This result highlights the differences in growth trends across the capital cities over the same time period. In…

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Housing Market and Economic Update | Chart Pack September 2016

We’re now into the last quarter of the year and so far the property markets have surprised us on the upside, performing much stronger (particularly in Sydney and Melbourne) than most commentators forecast at the beginning of the year CoreLogic recently released their latest market figures so let’s have a look at what’s happening as well as some of…

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Will Australia’s Property Markets collapse in 6 weeks?

AUSTRALIA has roughly “six weeks” to prevent a housing market collapse caused by the banks’ crackdown on foreign investment, a US-based security think tank has warned, according to a News Limited press report.  Quite clearly, you can tell from the website of the think tank, the International Strategic Studies Association, are not exactly experts in…

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What type of property investment should I buy?

One of the more common property investment questions that I get asked is, “What’s hot?”  Now, I happen to think that is the wrong question. What the investor really should be asking is, “What should I buy?” And for mine, the answer comes down to understanding three simple concept: Space versus place Density needs to…


Ask Michael Anything [video] – What strategy to use when biding at auction?

In this video series we answer your questions of Michael Yardney. This week watch Michael discuss his strategy to biding at auction. This week’s question:  Hi Michael –  I’m looking to buy a property at auction and wanted to know the best biding strategy. I’ve heard conflicting idea, some say I that should bid contently from…

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