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The property investment strategy cycle

There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of so called ‘experts’ hitting my email inbox recently. People I’ve never heard of before, people making unbelievable claims about their ability to help me get rich quick. People whose track record seems consist of a recently created web presence with no credible background whatsoever. Right now,…


Property development guide part 14 – Working with the Engineers & Surveyors

In this instalment of the Property Development Series, Bryce Yardney of Metropole walks us through the role of the engineers and which ones you’ll need for your next project. Astute property investors and developers know that in order to be successful they can’t do it all on their own. They surround themselves with qualified and experienced…

mortgages interest

Financial Risk Report Part 1 : The current state of mortgage stress

What risks lie ahead for Australia, it economy and our property markets? Recently Roy Morgan released its on Financial Risk Report  In it they explained that there are many largely external factors that relate to financial risk. Here’s what they said: And they are all inextricably intertwined. This current report which focussed on Financial Risk,…


Despite the spring air – Weekend auction results saw a cool down

So far this week, 1,683 capital city auction results have been reported to CoreLogic, resulting in a preliminary auction clearance rate of 76.4 per cent across the combined capital cities.   This week, 2,026 total auctions were held across the capital cities, higher than last week, when 1,899 auctions were held, but remaining lower than…

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