6 Things that can turn a landlord-tenant relationship sour

Tenants and landlords need each other, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is always cordial. Sometimes this partnership is divided by the proverbial wedge due to unavoidable circumstances, but it can also be the actions and attitudes of the people involved that create disharmony. What are some of the ‘lemons’ that can turn a tenant-landlord...
Self Confidence

Overconfidence is responsible for a lot of mistakes, here’s how to avoid it

When making judgements it pays to be humble, seek out new perspectives, and expect to make mistakes, writes… Adrian R. Camilleri, RMIT University People are notoriously overconfident.  Regardless of the context – sports, finance, politics – people believe that their judgements and decisions are better than they really are. The shock comes later after Steven...
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Melbourne August Market Update | Your Investment Property Magazine

Growth in Melbourne settles at a sustainable level Following a brief stint as the top property market in Australia, the Melbourne market is slowing It’s official: Melbourne is on the slow slide down the growth chart.  In the past 12 months, capital growth across the city of Melbourne was 10.1%, reports CoreLogic – down from...

Property development guide part 11 – Tackling the red tape

In the following article, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole, explains how you might tackle the hurdles and requirements to get your development underway.  One of the biggest hurdles faced by any property developer – whether a seasoned veteran or a green beginner – is the bureaucratic maze known as the planning permit or development approval process....
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Capital city clearance rate hits it’s highest for 2016 so far

This week, 1,747 capital city auctions were held and preliminary results show that 1,485 auctions have been reported so far, with a preliminary clearance rate of 76.6 per cent, rising from 75.0 per cent last week across 1,471 auctions.  This week’s clearance rate is comparable to one year ago, when 72.9 per cent of capital...

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