ACT August Market Update | Your Investment Property Magazine

Political uncertainty destabilises the Canberra property market. The federal election has been and gone, but has it had an effect on the housing market in the ACT? The federal election was held at the beginning of July, and as is often the case, the local property market in Canberra stagnated during the election period. While...

Why credit rating agencies’ economic advice shouldn’t be trusted

Credit rating agencies have a poor track record when it comes to evaluating risk, writes… Imad Moosa, RMIT University The Australian government is using warnings from rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P), which placed Australia on a negative watch during the election, to make the case for passing budget measures.    In...

Land of the ‘fair go’ no more: wealth in Australia is becoming more unequal

Australia has become collectively richer but much more unequal in recent decades, writes… Christopher Sheil, UNSW Australia and Frank Stilwell, University of Sydney Australians often pride themselves on living in the land of the “fair go”. However, the available evidence shows the distribution of wealth in this country is no more egalitarian than the average…

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