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7 must-know beginner investment tips to give you a leg up the property ladder

Looking at buying your first investment property? Or maybe your next one? I’m sorry to say, but there’s no generic, one-size-fits-all approach to property investment. Residential real estate, as with any other investment vehicle, requires an individualistic approach. In other words, you must identify and address your own specific needs, goals and circumstances in order...

What HILDA has to tell us about wealth and poverty [Infographic]

How has the wealth of Australian households changed over the last 15 years? writes… Helen Westerman, The Conversation and Wes Mountain, The Conversation The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, which started in 2001, collects information on Australian households, focusing on economic and subjective well-being, labour market dynamics and family dynamics. The...
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Property development guide part 7 – Researching the perfect site

In his continuing series of articles, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole, takes readers on a step by step journey through the property development process. Once you understand the importance of securing a development site in the right location and you have the big picture firmly in mind, including your target market, it’s time to...

Capital growth or cashflow –which is better?

When it comes to property investment you’ll often hear two somewhat conflicting philosophies being bandied around. A common question beginning investors ask is – which is better? Cash flow investment strategy  Firstly there are the “Cash flow” followers; they suggest you should invest in property that has the capacity to generate high rental returns in...

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