Melbourne Housing Market Update [Video] – June 2016

The Melbourne housing market finished the month as having the lowest rental yield in houses. with a gross rental yields of 2.9%. Melbourne’s housing market is still recording the highest annual rate of capital gain at 13.9%. The largest capital gains over the cycle to date have been in Sydney where dwelling values are 57.5% higher followed by...
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How to get started in property development

I’ve recently noticed a trend in budding developers – they are looking for an overview of the property development process and they want it in a simple and accessible way. That is why I’ve created this comprehensive guide covering the topic. I want to make finding the right information as easy as possible. If you’re...

5 must ask questions before buying an investment property

Choosing to build wealth through residential real estate requires a significant investment. And I’m not just talking about money, but the commitment of time and emotional energy that’s required as well. In the beginning you’ll need to work hard to support the costs associated with property ownership, so it’s understandable that many people suffer buyer’s...

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