State of Australian cities

State of Australian cities The government’s State of Australian Cities report for 2015 revealed some interesting demographic and social trends. The report found that population growth in recent years is becoming increasingly capital city focussed over time, and this is projected to become even more so the case over the next five decades. In fact,…

Two common pitfalls of property investment

Two common pitfalls of property investment

Property investment is a great way to significantly grow your wealth, however there are many common mistakes that investors continually make.  While property investors generally focus on the features and requirements needed to become successful, many often forget to consider the aspects and strategies that should be avoided. Here are two common pitfalls of property…

9 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee

9 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Do you love your coffee? As someone who loves his coffee I was pleased to read that there are some amazing benefits (backed by scientific studies) of drinking coffee in the Huff Post. Apparently while having lots of it isn’t recommended for everyone, for some of us, it may just be the superfood of the…

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