2 short messages for all subscribers to my Property Update newsletter

Two Things today :

  1. A favour I’d like to ask of you
  2. A special program for you – Ask me your most pressing property questions 


As a subscriber to my Property Update newsletter I hope you’re benefiting from the quality content from our experts and their advice, so I hope you don’t mind me asking a little favour….

1. I’d like to ask you a favour:

I hope you’ve benefited from my property market commentaries that you receive either daily or my weekly summary each Friday.

If so, I’d like to ask you to vote for me as a valuable Property Investment Advisor in the Your Investment Property Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards which is looking to recognize property professionals around Australia.

Thank you if you have already completed this form.  If you have please disregard this email but if you missed my earlier email or didn’t get a chance to submit your vote you can do so now.

It’s simple and should take less than a minute and this gives you… a chance to win a property prize pack worth over $2,184.

I’m proud to say that over the years I’ve won many awards, so the purpose behind this request is not to boost my ego…it’s to boost the profile of my Property Update newsletter and keep getting this free education out to Australian property investors.

It’s your way of paying it forward..

Here’s what you do:

Just click here now while it’s on your mind (it should take less than a minute) leave your details and fill in the relevant part of the form as follows: 

YIP Voting

So please click here now and fill in the relevant part of form. I’d really appreciate the recognition.

Plus, leave a few words about how working with me or my team or learning from my books, content or seminars has helped you.

You see…the award is not a popularity contest won by the person with the most votes. The judges read the testimonials and judge on their merit of these. And it’s the wording in your testimonial that will help you win the big prize.

2. An upcoming Ask Me Any Question webinar.

There are so many mixed messages and concerns at present about the property markets, the local and overseas economies and the risks to the local property market that I’m giving you a chance to ask me your most pressing questions and I’ll answer them all for you on a webinar you can listen to or watch at your leisure.

Just respond to this email with your most pressing questions and I’ll let you know when the program is ready for you.

Thanks for helping me out and I look forward to giving back in the Webinar.

Spend your time…wisely.

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P.S. Please vote for me now while it’s fresh on your mind by clicking here.