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5 Great Quotes From One Of My Mentors

One of the important mentors in my life, one from whom I learned many critical lessons that still shape the way I think is Christopher Howard.

Here are some of his quotes and accompanying lessons, I trust you'll also benefit from Chris' wisdom:

1. "Just as you have your beliefs, opinions and world views others have their own based on their models of the world. Nothing that others think about you is really about you, it's about them. If they are 'angry with you', they are really avoiding the roots of their own fears and projecting them externally." light bulb

Each of us has our own model of the world, or consistent way of looking for things to show up and perceiving things.

Each of our models of the world are as unique as our thumbprint.

Our perceptions are learned perceptions.

The eyes have been trained to see.

This is why two people could know the same person and yet have two entirely different experiences of them.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as WE ARE - we see them as we have been CONDITIONED to see them.

2. "Our outer experience will always be a reflection of your inner perceptions, beliefs and expectations."

Are you stuck someplace?  13621156 - stairway to the sky, climbs to the ladder of success

Physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially?

What do you BELIEVE about that area of life or constraint. Write down your beliefs.

What do you EXPECT in that area?

Write down your real expectations.

Then realise that the only way to change the external is to change, your beliefs, and expectations internally.

3. "If you want to change your life, you must find the courage to change your thinking."

How do you need to shift your thinking now?

4. "Just like all the great minds that have shaped the world, you have the potential to choose the extraordinary. It's up to you." 

Each and every one of us was born for a purpose - a calling - a deep inner calling.

Almost everyone that I've ever met, covers it up, buries it deep deep within, buried in self-doubt, fear, self-consciousness, embarrassment, an inability to claim that which thsuccess work hardey
truly want or even more importantly - that which they're divinely guided to do with their life.

5. "No Matter how much in the bank, you can feel rich or poor based on your thinking"

What makes your life the most emotionally textured and rich?

What we appreciate appreciates.  What do you have the most appreciation for?

Make a list daily of the top ten things you're grateful for, and experience a whole new quality of life.

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