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11 Ways to get a top sale price or valuation for your property

Looking to sell your house?sale sign auction house property market

If so I bet you’re hoping to get the best price.

Which means you’ll want your home to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Or maybe you’re just wanting to revalue your house to get a new loan.

You should treat the valuer’s visit in the same way you’d prepare for an ‘open house’ inspection to get a top figure.

The following 11 tips will make your home more appealing to a wider range of buyers and at the same time maximise the valuation that a valuer will put on it.

1. Smarten up the exterior of your home

You know what they say…you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so start with the exterior of your home.

Spruce up your garden – a well groomed front yard not only creates a good first impression, it also adds to a property’s street appeal.

If your house is weatherboard, replace and repaint any loose or rotting wood.

If it’s brick, make sure that any cracks in the mortar are filled.

If your home is painted make sure the painted surfaces are clean and attractive.

2. Landscapinggarden-1596548_1920

Home buyers love an attractively landscaped patio or back yard and it doesn’t take too much money to fix yours up if you have the space for it.

Dead plants, messy gardens, or boring yards can be a fast turn-off.

Investing in new soil, rocks, shrubs, ground cover, trees, and mulch can help transform your yard; making it appear fresh and inviting.

This invites buyers to picture themselves spending time outside enjoying an el fresco lifestyle.

3. Fix All Superficial Defects

While small defects don’t directly affect the value of a property, cumulatively they will make it less attractive to potential buyers and therefore lower its valuation. 

The following are typical defects that will put many buyers off, yet which can be fixed simply:

  • peeling paint;
  • Mould on ceilings or signs of water damages to ceilings
  • Cracks to ceilings or plaster walls
  • squeaking or sticking doors and windows;
  • door latches that don’t work;
  • mouldy tiles in kitchen and bathroom;
  • dripping taps;
  • loose tiles;
  • broken or cracked windows;
  • squeaky floors and stairs;

4. A fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint to the walls inside your property gives you more bang for your buck than just about anything else.

Just ensure that your colour choice remains neutral so it has maximum appeal.

5. Internal Lighting Fixtures

If you have old-fashioned lighting, it’s worth upgrading your light fittings as no buyer is going to want to live in a dark space.

Energy efficient LED down-lights are relatively cheap and look good in most environments and lighting can be used to play up other pieces of decor in the home.

6. Consider Upgrading Your Kitchenkitchen home property

The kitchen is one of the most important communal areas of any home.

Buyers want a functional workspace that includes modern appliances, attractive taps, and good cupboards and bench-tops.

It’s a common mistake to overdo kitchen upgrades but a sleek and modern kitchen will attract buyers and add to the value of your home.

7. Bathroom Repairs

As with kitchen upgrades a good bathroom space that is functional and aesthetically appealing, will attract buyers and therefore add value to your property.

Rather than a complete renovation, small repairs like painting the walls and replacing tile grout can work wonders.

Consider eglazing (rather than replacing) a chipped bathtub or sink to make fixtures look like new.

8. Replace the carpetssofa-184551_1920

It may seem strange, but the floor is one of the first things that buyers look at when entering a property.

People expect their homes’ floors to be contemporary, clean, and stylish.

Old, musty carpeting definitely won’t do your home any favours.

Be prepared to replace old, worn carpets.

Or if they are laid on hardwood floors consider removing the carpets and polishing the floors.

9. Finish any renovations Big Painting Job

 To get the best valuation ensure you finish any renovations or handy work you started.

There’s a lot of great ‘gunnas’ out there,

They’re ‘gunna’ finish the painting or ‘gunna’ complete the deck.

Valuers have to assess what they see on the day.

Don’t start the renovations then go to the bank to get more money 

10. Add storage

Functional storage space is what most home buyers and renters look for and this can come in the form of built-in wardrobes as well as backyard sheds.

11. If tenanted – advise the property manager that the property is to be valued.

Give your property manager plenty of notice that a valuer is coming around.

This allows them time to notify the tenant and request that they present your property in good condition.

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