Want to earn more money?

If you want to earn more money don’t look for a better job, but do a better job. 

If everyone in the business did a better job than it ends up in better outcomes for everyone.

The Culture needs to be a win/win for all

1. Customers need to get products at a competitive coin cash wallet growth rich money

2. Staff need to be paid well.

3. Shareholders need to get a return on their investment.

It’s much easier if it has strong leadership and this starts at the top and flows right throughout the Organisation.

So why is good management the key to everything

And why does poor management cause so much damage.

Management is the only one that has influence on how things are done.

  • It’s extremely difficult to influence and lead from the bottom.
  • If everyone is pulling in the same direction you create momentum and this is effectively led by management.
  • If you create momentum and increase the size of the pie, everyone wins.
  • If the pie does not increase than everyone fights for a larger slice of the pie.
  • If one gets a larger slice than another ends up with a smaller slice.
  • It’s a win/lose outcome and does not work.

Poor management leads to a stagnant business that does not grow and this leads to everyone fighting over a bigger slice of the pie.

Increasing the pie in this example is about “increased profits” which comes from increased turnover PLUS cost reduction due to efficiencies (good management and efficient systems and everyone doing a better job).

 – If businesses are managed well and they make more money than they can pay better wages.

– If businesses are managed well they can provide better prices to their customers.


– If businesses are managed well than the staff are happier and will produce more and customers are happier and buy more.

– If businesses are managed well than their shareholders get a decent return on their capital.

Everyone wins

Business profits are constantly squeezed between keeping prices competitive to their clients and increasing wages and overheads.

These are predominantly controlled by management but everyone has a part to play.

So it is about management and leadership so those working there understand the bigger picture.

If you want your wages to go up the business must do well.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to do a better job that collectively creates the synergy that leads to greater productivity and increased profits and therefore to increased wages.

Successful people simply do a better job.

Unsuccessful people LOOK for a better job as it’s always “greener on the other side”.

So if you want to earn better wages change your attitude from:

“How can the business do better for me”


“How can I do better for the business”

That will ultimately earn you higher wages and much more respect.

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Ed Chan


Ed is a founding partner of Chan and Naylor accountants and a leading property tax specialist. He has co-authored 3 best selling books. As a seasoned property investor he shares his unique understanding of the relationship between property investment and tax. Visit

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