Value Bundle – Property Tax Pack

Property Tax Pack

You get these top selling books, DVD and and CDs all in one bundle.

  • What every investor needs to know about Finance, Tax and the Law —
    by Michael Yardney, with Rolf Schaefer, Ed Chan & Rob Balanda.
  • How to Legally Reduce Your Tax — Without Losing any Money
    by Ed Chan & Tony Melvin
  • How to Buy Property with Your Super Money — by Ed Chan & Tony Melvin
  • Building Wealth Through Property Investment in the New Economy — DVD with Michael Yardney
  • An Insider’s Guide to Successful Property Investing — CD interview with Michael Yardney
  • 15 Habits of Successful Property Investors — CD interview with Michael Yardney

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Value Bundle — Property Investor Pack

How to Legally Reduce Your Tax by Ed Chan & Tony Melvin  

Discover how the rich use company and trust structures to protect their assets and minimise their tax.

Where can the everyday Australian go to learn about asset protection and structuring?

Tony and Ed point out that no means of public education exists for those who want to learn how the rich do it, and that’s why they wrote this book.

With tax legislation becoming more complex, Tony and Ed have simplified and summarised the important points so that anyone who wants to learn now has the opportunity.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside the book …

  • The difference between a company structure and a trust.
  • The 7 different types of trusts and how to use them.
  • Why you should rarely buy an investment in your own name.
  • How to protect your assets from lawsuits, taxes and creditors.
  • How to maximise the tax benefits of your investments.
  • How you can pass your wealth onto your children and have it protected for generations.
  • How to protect your business assets.
  • Why tax is a game which can be played by everyone, not just the rich.

What every property investor needs to know about finance, tax and the law – by Michael Yardney, with Rolf Schaefer, Ed Chan & Rob Balanda 

This book has been written for both beginning and experienced investors. Together with Michael Yardney, who is Australia’s leading expert in wealth creation through property, property tax accountant and best selling author Ed Chan, finance strategist Rolf Schaefer and property lawyer and educator Rob Balanda, share their decades of experience and explain how sophisticated investors know how to use “the system” to their advantage.

This is a “Plain English” guide to financial freedom that reveals how some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes and are more financially secure than others.

Most property investors never achieve financial independence, because they don’t understand how to use “the system.” This book is designed to help you treat your property investments as a business and take advantage of “the system” rather than having it work against you.

Readers will be shown what every property investor needs to know about finance, tax and the law.

This book is written for:

  • people who want to work less, earn more, pay less tax and become finically secure
  • beginning investors who want to set things up correctly from the start.
  • experienced investors who want to get to the next level by developing a property investment business.
  • property investors who want to move to the next level by getting the right finance to buy their investment and the right structures to protect their assets from lawsuits, taxes and creditors.

How to buy Property with your Super Money – by Ed Chan and Tony Melvin

Ed & Tony cover the basics of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), how you can set up your own fund, invest the money and pay yourself a pension in retirement.

Whether just starting out or about to retire, this book highlights the benefits of controlling your super now.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside…

  • How to invest in domestic and international shares, property and any managed fund of your choice.
  • How you can immediately eliminate fund managers fees.
  • How to pay for life insurance with your super fund.
  • Benefit from knowing exactly where your super money is, how much you’ve got and what return you’re getting.
  • How to purchase residential property using an SMSF.
  • How to purchase commercial or industrial property with your super.

DVD Powerful Finance Tactics to Grow your Property Portfolio: DVD with Michael Yardney & Rolf Schaefer

Michael Yardney interviews leading finance strategist Rolf Schaefer, who reveals 12 tactics that the banks don’t really want you to know which may help you get more finance and enable you to massively increase your property portfolio.

This up to date video will help you understand what banks look for in our changing finance environment and how to beat the banks at their own game.

You will be shown:

  • How smart investors use debt as a risk management tool
  • What’s on your credit file, and why you should check it before the banks do
  • What banks look for when they decide how much they will lend you, and it’s not necessarily what you think
  • When to use mortgage insurance
  • Why you should consider using multiple banks and how to decide in which order to approach them
  • What type of property the banks like as security
  • Why cross collateralizing your loans could prevent you buying your next property.
  • How changing lenders could allow you to buy one more property
  • How your credit card limits impact on your borrowing capacity
  • The problems associated with lodging multiple loan applications
  • Why it is important to set up the right property ownership structures before you buy a property and how banks view trusts in the new finance environment
  • When to take out interest only loans and when principle and interest loans may be appropriate.
  • When to fix interest rates + much more!

This is your chance to learn these important finance strategies

Insiders Guide to Successful Property Investing – CD interview with Michael Yardney 

In this interview Michael Yardney gives his insights into how to take advantage of the current property market.

How You Can Profit From the Current Property Markets CD interview with Michael Yardney

In this interview Michael Yardney explains how you can profit from the current property markets. In addition Michael more clearly outlines the personal investment strategy that has seen him safely and consistently grow his property portfolio for over 35 years.


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