Your Property Development Team – The Land Surveyor

In this ongoing series introducing you to members of the property development team, today we’ll look at the role of the Land Surveyor.

They’re one of the first consultants on site, because even before any architectural work begins to draft town planning drawings, you will need to engage a land surveyor to prepare a survey plan of your land.

They will measure the land, conduct a re-establishment survey and confirm that the existing boundaries of your property those that are shown on the title.

This means you’ll need to give provide them with a copy of the title to your property.

For town planning purposes the surveyor will also undertake a feature survey of the surrounding properties, as this is required for many town planning applications.

They will also determine the levels of your property to AHD (Australian Height Datum).

If you’ve bought adjoining blocks of land, your surveyor may need to consolidate a number of titles into one title for you.

The surveyor then may return at the commencement of the construction phase of your project to peg out the land so the builder knows the exact boundaries and they may even set out the dimensions of the new dwellings on the land to assist the builder.

Once the development is underway, the surveyor draws up a plan of subdivision.

This will require council approval and will eventually be lodged with the titles office to divide your existing one title into multiple titles, one for each property plus some common area if necessary at the completion of your development project.

Just to make things clear – a “land surveyor” is a different consultant to a “quantity surveyor”  – a role we’ll discuss in my next blog.

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