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Two big things 90% of investors fail to do

In my experience the two big things most property investors fail to do are: Having a formulated property investment strategy, and Regularly reviewing their property portfolio’s performance. Looking at it this way it should come as no surprise that most investors never get past owning one or two properties. If you don’t really know why…

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Expats back in Australia: Here’s what you need to know about property

Only one thing is certain about real estate trends: they are always changing! So if you’ve been away from Australia for an extended period or you’ve just resettled here, there are some things you might have missed in the property investment world. Keeping up with tax and law amendments is like trying to get a…

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Stats show we’ve built too many apartments and not enough houses

6.75 million families; not enough houses The ABS recently released its annual figures on families. In short, however, over the last four years there are 401,800 additional families in Australia. This takes the total number of families up to 6.75 million, making the family unit the key home buying cohort. The biggest increases were seen…

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Believe it or not- Sydney housing affordability best in years

Housing affordability is clearly improving in Sydney although the outlook for first home buyers remains bleak. Sydney’s property owners have enjoyed another positive year overall for prices growth although results have been typically mixed between regions, price ranges and dwelling types. The key driver of the surge in Sydney house prices over recent years has…

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Ask Michael Anything [video] – Is this a good suburb?

In this video series we answer your questions of Michael Yardney.  Watch Michael discuss what makes an investment grade suburb and what makes a better investment – established or off the plan. This weeks question: I’m looking at buying a 2 bedroom apartment as an investment. Do you think Caulfield in Melbourne as a good…

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How to Avoid Common Investor Mistakes – Not realising the importance of location [VIDEO]

The more you know about the most common mistakes that investors make, the better your likelihood of building lasting wealth.  In this series of short 3 minute videos, Kevin Turner and I discuss the common mistakes I’ve seen investors make. Today we discuss the importance of location. Not all land is created equal. Watch today’s video as…


The root of Sydney and Melbourne’s housing crisis: we’re building the wrong thing

By 2022, Sydney will need to provide housing for an additional 309,000 households, while Melbourne will need an additional 355,000 households. So why are we building flats, when it’s family-friendly dwellings we’ll need writes… Bob Birrell, Monash University As is well known, the shortage of affordable separate housing in Sydney and Melbourne means that most first…

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How do you find the best areas for property price growth?

How do you find the best locations for future property price growth? That’s a question I asked John Lindeman, Director of Property Power Partners on a recent Real Estate Talk show. Here’s a transcript of the interview: Kevin:  It’s only one element of the research cycle that we should be doing, but probably it’s one of…

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