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Shannon Davis

Shannon is director of Metropole Properties Brisbane and as a successful property investor and licensed estate agent, his years of industry experience helps his clients maximize the performance of their investment properties. Visit

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Serviced apartments – sacrificing strategy for security

I’ve recently met a few investors who are lured by the “security” of serviced apartments.  Usually they’ve attended a seminar or received a glossy brochure, spruiking the benefits of their secure rental returns. But are serviced apartments really as secure as they seem? Or are you just sacrificing a sound, long term, wealth generating investment strategy…


5 Common mistakes investors make when buying interstate

Did you know that investing interstate is something that few Australians do?  I can understand the reluctance. For most people, handing over several hundred thousand dollars for an investment property is a psychological challenge in itself. No matter how much research you do, there is always the risk that the property you invest in won’t…

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3 ways your mind is tricking you into failing as a property investor

For many first-time investors, the prospect of actually putting your money on the line and taking action by buying a property is terrifying. It’s completely understandable – when you’re handing over your hard-earned savings and getting a loan for several hundred thousand dollars, you want to feel confident that you’re investing the right way. But…