We’re spending $3 billion this Easter : where is the money is going? [infographic]

hundreddollars australian

Australians are expected to spend close to $3 billion this Easter, and the infographic below shows much of it will go on  high-end chocolate brands, craft beer and cider, and travel.

IBISWorld forecasts that Easter spending will total approximately $2.9 billion this year, with many of us taking advantage of two long weekends in a row.

Echoice suggests we’ll spend $875 million in these 4 days alone on the following:

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What would you be doing as a career if money were no object [video]

property investment psychology

I was recently sent this video by a subscriber to my blog which really got me thinking… What would you like to do if money were no object?

How would you really enjoy spending your life?

Enjoy this 3 minute video- it may also get you thinking.

I know why I’m doing what I’m doing in life and I also know the advice I gave my children when they were looking for a career.

What about you? [Read more...]

The 20 Traits All Happy People Share [infographic]

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If you think being happy is something that happens as a result of having lots of money or because of your circumstances think again.

Happiness is a mindset and that’s why you’ll find all happy people share the following 20 traits: [Read more...]

First home buyers are being pushed out of the market by ugly greedy property investors


If you believed what you read in the papers you’d think that first home buyers (FHBs) are being pushed out of the market by ugly greedy property investors, many of them from overseas.

After all… currently our property markets are booming and the chart below clearly shows that first home buyers numbers (based on finance approvals) are at an all time low at a time when investors make up a significant proportion of the buyers. [Read more...]

7 questions to evaluate 2014


We’re heading into the second third of 2014, which is why in today’s message I’m going to share a series of questions designed to help you evaluate and glean the lessons and meaning of the last four months of you.

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Did you know 1.56 million Australians keep their credit cards a secret?

credit card

A new investigation by credit card comparison website creditcardfinder.com.au has found one in five (20 percent) credit card holders admit to owning a secret credit card or lying about their purchases. That’s potentially 1.56 million Australians.

According to the study, one in seven (14 percent) respondents said their spending has led to an argument.

Those who spend more on their cards (more than $5,000) and make more impulsive purchases were the worst offenders:

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Is retiring mortgage free still an attainable dream


Not too long ago the Great Australian dream of home ownership was considered a way to fund retirement.

Ask any Baby Boomer and they’ll tell you their parents taught them to get a good education, get a secure job, buy a home, pay it off and voila! You’ll be set for your golden years!

Well… it’s not really as simple as that – it takes more than just one house to fund retirement, but owning your home free and clear in your latter years is a good start. [Read more...]

Jim Rohn quotes – some vitamins for your mind


Jim Rohn’s  inspirational quotes are one of the most popular blogs that get read on this site. Now that’s interesting isn’t it because they have nothing to do with property investing per se.

But his philosophy was an important influence on me, so here’s even more of his quotes to start your week : [Read more...]

Guess where Melbourne’s fastest growing region is – it’s almost certainly not where you think!

where's the best place to invest

If you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know I watch demographic trends carefully as I believe our long term demographic trends will shape the future of our property markets more than the short term influences of interest rates or consumer confidence.

So it didn’t surprise me when The Age reported that people are piling in to Melbourne’s central business district at a record rate.

In fact the latest regional population count shows the number of residents living within the CBD jumped an unprecedented 5,400 in the year to June 2013, a growth rate of 23%. The extraordinary boom has made the statistical division of Melbourne City the nation’s fastest growing

And Docklands and Southbank were not far behind, each with growth rates of 15%.

Now don’t get me wrong… [Read more...]

The top 10 reasons to join us at Wealth Retreat this year.

10 top reasons

The Internet and media is full of “Top 10″ lists that were made famous by late-night talk show host David Letterman.

On that note, here’s my TOP 10 reasons why I think you would be REALLY SMART to not delay any further in making your reservations and join us at Wealth Retreat 2014 on the Gold Coast on May 28th – June 3rd.

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